A new regional foundry

Hi guys!
because coins don’t give anything than scores I have an Idea about’em


the idea of mine is simple,
gold coins are melted to form bigger ones and even keys

  • Small X Medium
    you need to have 30 CoinGold in order to make a *msc / 300 to make a key

  • Medium X Large
    you need at least 10 CoinGold in order to make a ^lsc / 150 to make a key

  • Large X Key
    in order to convert a ^lsc into a CI5Key you’ll need 50 CoinGold ^lsc


You’ll need a heat shield because a foundry is hot + gold’s melting point is 1,064 °C

*= medium-sized-coin
^= large-sized-coin

sorry I don’t have a pic

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This would make them functionally identical to the food system, though. If they’re going to have a function, we don’t want them doing the same thing as drumsticks.


good point
but I’ll avoid
no, everyone will avoid

but In order to make a roast where will we get the chest / ribs?
By melting them

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