What can you do with food you collect?

So i have around 1k food and i wonder, what can i do with it?

I heard you can trade it but idk how to do it

Go orbit to a space burger and click on it, then there’s a sell button, click on it and you will get keys depending on how much you have.


Just in case.


Burger Space and Space Berger are better

just kidding

Thanks i found one space burger and i got lots of keys, very nice


Well, good for you i guess

Also what can i do with coins?

Nothing, (yet?) They only count to your main score. If you’re not tier 99 yet, score can give you a nice amount of keys for each tier. So once you are tier 99 the only use for them is boosting your score in challenges. (Daily, Weekly, Space Race)

Oh ok, i am 24 tier so i don’t have advantage to that but hope they add for example trading coins for food or something it would be cool

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I made one but it got ignored

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For people who don’t know


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