A new mountable: Radioactive Shield

hello fellow protectors of universe. I recently had an interesting idea about a new type of shield.
This wont protect you from anything like a regular shield but it will roast chickens with radioactive rays comes from ship. it will have 4 types and best level will break eggs that comes slow. still you can crash on these broken eggs. A bit more information:
Level 4 - Legendary
Will have a special waving green lines comes from ship with a green ballon with %25 transparency. Baölon will be 2.5 chicken long. Will roast eggs that stays in area for 1,5 seconds. Damage to chickens will be 70 dps. Nerfed for astrochicks and egg armor chicks.
Level 3 - Rare
Pretty same with level 4, there wont be green rays and ballon transparency will be %50. Will roast chickens with 50 dps and wont damage eggs.
Level 2 - Uncommon
Just like Level 3, but with %75 transparency and 30 dps for roasting.
Level 1 - Common
Just like level 2, but transparency will be %90 and 20 dps for roasting

Please comment what do you think about it

  • so cool
  • good
  • could be better( I will suggest the improvements in comment)
  • Not good( I will suggest how to improve)

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I don’t think rarities work well with perishables. They are more suited to stable equipment. Also it’s not “Not common” it’s “Uncommon”. But otherwise this idea is fine.

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changed to mountable, added damage per second system, fixed typo.

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My opinion in short:

Is my Scarab but as a mountable

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didnt saw before, but thats improved and has more information.

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No matter how good the gameplay is,if there’s no drive to play, nobody will play it.Ideas on that front would be welcome.Not criticizing your ideas,but still.I have a few, but those will be discussed later

have no idea what you talking about…


I was saying,the mission gameplay is good enough but still may need work,but overall,we need to see more gameplay mechanics outside of the missions,because,honestly, the game’s really static outside of the missions.So yeah,in-mission stuff is important,but we need more ideas for the Galaxy as a whole.

The point is why you telling this there, create a topc for that then. Its about my idea about a mountable.

Oh.Sorry.I got a little carried away.

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