A new madal

my idea is a new medal and this medal you can get it when you reach the max power (20 :zap:) in a mission.

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I think it won’t be possible to achieve in every mission and every medal should be achievable in every mission.


You already get 100K score upon getting to FP 20


But points are useless. Medals are better.


i talk about medal

Do you like the idea?

I’m divided. I like the concept of that medal, but I doubt that you can earn it on every mission and I personally think that every mission should be made in a way that you can earn all medals.


The medal for multi kill i take it every mission

Haha, try getting all difficulty medals in a single mission. Truly that would be an achievement to behold.


Not my fault that it is programmed this way, but I already tackled this issue:
Mission complete screen


It’s still not in the game so you don’t have much of an argumental advantage.

Does it need to be in the game to be talked about? We’re in “ideas” category where pretty much everything isn’t in the game. And the fact that it isn’t in the game doesn’t change my opinion on this topic.

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Can you get this medal more than once? Because if so, you could farm them with a bunch of extra lives. If it gets added, it should probably be a once-per-mission reward.

Also I’m kind of with Francis on this one - there is already a reward for it. Do we need pecking order medals too? (I’m aware some people would probably actually say yes to that and it’s a legitimate, separate discussion.)

What’s your reasoning behind this? Not saying you’re wrong - I’d just like to understand where you’re coming from.

Technically medals are useless too…


They were useless, but now they make you achieve tiers.

…short term.

I conſider points to be the main ſtat that expreſſes one’s chicken hunting experiënce.

But medals award points too.

Yeah, this should be the only way it gets added. Just like with max power bonus points.

But you can’t brag about 100K points. Medals can be shown on your profile.

Not a bad idea actually. Would be fun statistic to compare.

Ithink that if something is visible somewhere on the summary for example then it should be available to achieve. Like imagine CIU mission summary screen with bug/idea/exploration/selling medals. They are completely unnecessary on the mission summary screen, because they don’t have anything to do with that mission and they can’t be earned there. This way you have less clutter on the screen, you can more easily see how did you perform and having an empty medal space can potentially make you want to improve yourself and earn it. But this becomes problematic if the medal can’t be earned on this mission. Imagine trying everything you can to perfect the mission and you can’t 100% it because it’s too short to actually give you 20lvl power (or any other medal that can’t be achieved on certain missions).

bragging power

“Now” as in From the EA v.1 of CIU? I guess you can say that, But after tier 50 they become pointless. It would be better if we had less tiers, but packed more with features. so they can actually get some meaning of power.

More like main stat that tracks grinding and no-life.

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I’ll agree with the latter, but it’s worth noting that playing a lot of different miſſions at harder difficulties generally gets you more points.

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True, but it can get mixed up. I mean, visualize this situation (I’m gonna use CI5 for example since it’s way easier to calculate):
There are 2 players: Rook and Vet. They both just bought CI5 and they started playing. Rook plays on the easiest difficulty and Vet on the SSH. Vet completes the game once and gets a high amount of points - let’s say 300 millions. Rook however has more playtime, finished the game few times, can actually have a decent knowledge about the mechanics, but he still has less score than Vet.

I mean, it’s such a specific case to wonder about, but it can be true. Points alone can’t show you level of experience of the player, you would need something more, maybe someone could even come up with points exclusive to harder difficulties (but to make it clear: I’m against it since we already have too much currencies anyway and I’d rather have few super meaningful) (however speaking of currencies I actually would like to see Scrap currency being added because it makes sense and could be used just like food or even be a category of it)


Didn’t veteran give twice the points of rookie? This ſtill makes ſenſe, becauſe in theory veteran was twice as hard. If only the difficulty levels in CIU would multiply the difficulty inſtead of adding a few percentage points. It’d ſeparate the skill levels nicely, ſo there’d be a very clear difference between virtuöſo and SSH.

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