A new gun


I have a new gun idea. It will be green and when it shooted it will go like level 4 red gun in CI3. And It will draw circles while going. Whe hit chickens. They will get a knockback. So it will be a interesting semi op gun. I am not good at drawing but I wish I explained it well.


You can simply think texture green slime gun thinner and movement will be like level 4 red gun with circle spins


What is that idiot doing


Wow this guy maybe is drunk or drugged or just trolling. Dont flag me!


I’m not sure if it’s even worth to think about it tbh.


What is wrong with that guy? He didn’t do anything like this until today


Maybe he got drunk, no one can know this is my guess.


I’m wondering if his account was hacked, or maybe a family member got to it.


Oh,yeah. He might have some very immature family member


…who thinks he’s mature. I’m picturing ſome 12-year-old boy.


That guy is real messed up. Well,I betcha that he’ll get the ban hammer,heh?


He just ruined my gun idea


May we back to topic? What do you think about my gun? It will spin large circles so it will be a different guns from others.


he’s banned


Shouldn’t PenguinBOI already know that by now?


I didnt got any feedback…


Large circles? Does that mean that if your ſhot doeſn’t hit anything, it comes back around and kills you?


Nope just keep moving until it disappear. I said not big crcles. I cant show now but it will shoot 2 bullets every time and every bullet will be a self orbit. And there 2 bullets will turn theirselves around. A bit weird and hard to explain…


Could you draw a picture and ſcan it?


My finals are pretty soon… So cant…