A new gun


is it something like this?IonBlasterLV4
sorry if its not accurate

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btw this took me over half an hour to make :joy:

Sorry but no. Just let me until next Wednesday. I can draw it than.

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K den.


This is what I understood from your description

I found a gun named as smg helix in soul Knight. I wanted to mean like it. It will draw a helix shape while moving. But movement will be spread type and colour will be green.

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Red gun? You meant Ion Blaster, right?

eh and another topic got bumped

not epic


top-10 bumps caught on camera

Well ,since the bump is already done, does anyone remember the name of the guy you talked above and what he did?

I believe it was ChickenInvadersFan72 and he was posting very disgusting stuff. i still have screenshots of what he did, but i will not post them.

Yeah, good choice. Curiosity tells me otherwise, but maybe its better to leave things as they are. Also, I had a felling it was him.

God, I found one of his conversations. I don’t give him more than 7 years. Did he really post NSFW stuff?
Also what does NSFW stand for?

Not safe for work, also ja, he did.

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