A little tweak to low detailed mode

Recently I was forced to switch my pc to Intel celeron j1800 with Intel HD graphics 4000 (?) and 1,6 GB of available RAM because technical death. I was quite surprised to launch CIU using Arch+Wine+slow HDD at almost stable 30 FPS. However, one thing bothered me quite much. The main menu has that giant circling galaxy spiral and it managed to drop FPS down to 9, and it’s also not simplified anyhow by low detailed mode. Can something be done to it?

With that said, I’m starting to wonder what kind of pc one should have to drop FPS below 15.


Well, It was, but I get that fps when I run this on Windows 10+

you mean something like that?

I mean the this

Galactic spiral.


Ah, Game lags a bit when launching up.

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It only lags while loading, the background itself causes lag.
Probably since it uses hundreds of objects on your screen to rotate, this causes lag.

Maybe it can be replaced with the ancient CIU logo


You clearly don’t understand what I’m talking about. The galaxy on the background consists of a TON of smaller objects that rotate in an organised manner. Due to extreme transform magic it makes a good part of CPU/GPU work which makes the game run slower than usual. Regular waves don’t contain that much objects, or don’t apply that much transformation magic (not completely sure). Therefore during the gameplay, or even in galaxy it runs way faster.

And yes, I’ve changed loadMode to zero in order to get rid of that lazy loading and get my loading bar back.

As for ancient CIU logo, in earlier versions there was a static image of a purple galaxy, which couldn’t cause that much FPS issues because it’s static and it’s alone.




Or two to have the game opened instantly, and only tiny lag that can happens when something spawns, that you can’t feel

The boss is two sprites. Eggs are ~50-60 at most. ~10-15 feathers. ~15 chickens. 4 suns. Almost nothing of that can appear on screen simultaneously. And I assume batch rendering has its own kingdom there.

Well, I meant the explosion.

Same can be said for armored chickens exhaust, when there are many on screen

But they’re cut in low detailed and pro gamer mode.

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Explosions are cut by low detailed mode and by pro gamer mode.


Here it is for those who don’t know


I do understand, I assumed you just opened the game, now forgive me for this stupid question, I know it’s not related but have you tried downloading DirectX?

So let’s just say you want an option of making the whole game low detailed so you and Potato PC users won’t suffer by playing it, Right? and insert the old CIU logo into this? If right then I am in.

That wouldn’t do anything. You need to upgrade your CPU to run this better.

Firstly, I can’t. It’s not windows. Secondly, I don’t have to. It wouldn’t even launch without it.


Isn’t DirectX installed by default here? How’d you run CIU and it only supports at least DirectX 11.

DirectX is built-in in Wine which is a windows compatibility layer for Linux systems. It also does a better job than its competitor because it doesn’t have issues running CI1.
It’s not DirectX itself, to be accurate, more like a tool to redirect DX calls to whatever Linux can handle.


Looks like it supports ancient DirectX better than anything after Windows 8

it is an ineffective program, but anyway so would it be better suggesting and polling it in EA topic? I have doubts IA sees much of Idea Category topics.