A few questions regarding the game

  1. How do you own a CHL in the game? If I go to the store page, it shows that it’s coming soon.

  2. How do you join a squadron? I don’t mean “making” a squadron, I mean how do you join one?

Thanks in Advance!

We used to have it for free before for testing purposes but now it’s disabled. When the full game comes out it will be 5$.

You don’t, the leader of the squadron must invite you.


it was free to get before but you should wait for end of early access and it will cost 5$

you can’t join. the owner of squad can add you.

Ok thanks for the quick replies! But if I wanna join a squadron, how can I ask the Sqaudron leader that I wanna join?


use forum

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Hmm I guess that is an issue.

You can’t in-game, perhaps post here at Chatting Place.

K I’ll try that

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Wait can I apply in this post maybe?

Squadron job board redux

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Yes you can.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, and even if it gets closed you can ask IA to open it.

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Thank you so much!

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Just to clarify on what other people have said - the “Free” CHL’s that some people have will disappear when they go paid. So you’re not really missing out on anything other than the chance to mess around with it a bit during Early Access. :wink:

Ah gotcha . I thought that would happen

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