Squadron job board redux

Since the previous topic closed down, here’s a new topic for everyone to post their squadrons and invite people to join it. There are no rules, just don’t be hateful towards anyone or be offensive. That’s all. You can also share your Discord servers if you want, provided it’s related to your squadron.



Welcome to Gensokyo Chocken Hunters where eastern recruits came to hunt down the evil Henpire, Supplying lady Yuyuko with infinite Chickens. Currently, the squadron is still need more members to assign missions.


  • only Eastern recruits could Join (lying is acceptable, I am not racist).
  • recruits must know how to deal with basic danmaku aka bullet hell, I don’t accept superweapon spammers.
  • recruit must capable of finishing a >60% mission with Veteran skill or above.
  • recruit must at least know 15% of Gensokyo (aka Touhou Project) (once again, lying is acceptable).

What does that mean?

It either means recruits from the eastern side of the galaxy or asian people

does that include bellerophon?

well yeah

Don’t forget to make a solution post :wink:


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