A big problem

my problem is IA don’t want to help me to return CIU (and data). what should i do?

To be fair, it’s iA’s choice. If he doesn’t want to let you back then you know why. Making alts akes it worse and makes it less likelier that he’ll forgive you, because alt spams are against the rules big time too.

so how i can i tell IA that

He already knows that you made alts, and that’s bad. Seriously, stop.

what is your reply

I give up.

He made it for a legit reason.

His reason was literally to unban him. iA himself said that he doesn’t care what happened, since it’s your account and you have to take care of it. This isn’t legit, and if he’s lost his data then he can simply start from scratch.

i said i lost CIU data and the reason my Win broken (because HDD broken) so i don’t want forum account i want CIU account that is only i want

@InterAction_studios just i want you to help me to return my CIU data

Did you make a backup? If you did then there should be a topic on how to get back your data.

yeah but i lost it

Make a new account then, complete the tutorial and get yourself a new callsign. Then ask iA in a DM to get your data back.

i asked IA but he don’t want to reply me

Seriously, just be patient. If he still doesn’t reply then well, ya dun goofed.

why you insulted me?

Did you really think that was an insult. Really.

yeah it possible i understood you wrong

Well, just be patient. Or you know, just make a new profile and start from scratch to get the same progress you had from before if he doesn’t reply. Who knows, maybe you’ll get more stuff in your new playthrough.

okay thanks very much dude

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