A big problem

You’re welcome.


Now you believe that it was legit reasons. He forgot email and password to his account destroyer.


well he means you are in a big problem

well take it easy, he maybe doesn’t know :\

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This literally ended 3 hours ago. You’re a wee bit late, don’t you think?


i have understood everything and you know him, he don’t know the meanings of the comments you have posted :\ ( don’t think it was a bump)

I meant that the whole thing was resolved three hours ago. I’ll never get you, really.

k you know? if you don’t understand i can make it clear, and by the way i understand what are you saying so, forget it, i was just commenting

Thing is, you didn’t need to comment. That’s the only thing I dislike about you, since you tend to comment on things unnecessarily as well as making them confusing. That’s all. Sorry. Oh, and let’s stop here, this has gone pretty off topic already.


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