8th, 9th laser for Yolk Star TM

Well just change the zoom to 105% and 8th laser, 110%(or something) for 9th laser
start appearing at 90% (8th laser) 93% (9th laser) and SSH skill
(if it’s already suggested so sorry)

Well someone want this

Well that defeats the point, doesn’t it?


so 110% then

As if that’s any better.
If you feel like you’d need to change the zoom level for more lasers, then it’s perfectly clear that the Yolk-Star™ doesn’t need more lasers.



The purpose of adding lasers is to increase difficulty.

The purpose of applying zoom is (at least in this context) to decrease difficulty. (Sometimes it’s also used for visual scale against big bosses).

This is adding difficulty to then remove difficulty. Like taking five, and adding two, subtracting three, and adding one more to get… five. Again.

The only change I’d like to see to the Yolk-Star™ is pulling back to five lasers, and then throwing in a bunch more terminators as compensation. And that’s only because the actual full-scale model of the Yolk-Star™ has only five lasers, got nothing to do with gameplay. I feel the current difficulty is fine (look at the other bosses by comparison).


and someone doesn’t want that.

Guys, I don’t say that because I hate it. I love Yolk-Star TM, Too, But the problem in the chickens that appears in the mission with Yolk-Star.

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zoom to fit a cannon, why not

While I would be mildly ſupportive of having the maximum number of laſers go up to 8, I am ſtrongly againſt zooming out for it, as one of the characteriſtics of the Yolk Star™ is a lack of ſpace to move, much as with ſeveral of the other CI3 boſſes.


You replied to the wrong person…


When you fight Yolk Star, you don’t have any time to care about the lasers other than the one close to you. The laser itself won’t add anything unless there’s chicken around you.

For comparison, try to imagine one with 7 laser with current terminator chicken spawning design and the one with only 5 laser, but constantly replacing terminators nonstop.

How can you want more lasers if the last 2 skill levels didnt even released? Seriously, some people should stop suggesting things which they dont even know either want them or not.

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That’s what I’d rather see for a challenge tbh.

Let’s take a poll, do you want to see this version?

  • Yes, why not?
  • Noooooo
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Off-topic, be careful

I know, should I make a new topic?

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