4 Step to Make Wave Generation Better

This post is made to actualize this

  1. Give spawning a limitation for strong enemies

For example:
10% of Gatling Gun
15% of Chickenaut
15% of Armored Chicken
15% of Slob
25% of UFO chick
25% of UFO chicken
25% of Coward
25% of Assassin
25% of Toxic

To get rid of formerly known as “epic” wave. Spamming strong enemies (e.g. 100% Chickenaut wave) can lead to “unfair” difficulty. Maybe some of you find it fun, but it’s bad having a difficulty spike from the expected difficulty range.

Some waves are exception, like Armored Division, Technological Advances etc.

  1. Let there be variety in previously homogeneous wave

For example, Military Parade or each row/column in Treble Trouble etc. (There’s too many to be mentioned one by one)

This kind of wave that might be too easy or too hard, with the ban of spawning a wave full of strong enemies, these waves will become easier as only weaker enemies are spawned. This change is meant to let it be harder by introducing variety to the formation.

I found heterogeneous wave like Chicken Geometry more enjoyable than homogeneous “epic” waves.

  1. Buff ordinary chicken firing rate

This includes chick and its variants, chicken and variants.

As I said, the biggest contribution to the difficulty of a wave is from strong enemies. Ordinary chickens just didn’t shoot enough egg/waste/laser. That’s why some waves are too easy.

  1. Coward and Slob rework

The troublesome duo. I’ll make this rework simpler than previous one.


  • Attack up to 2 wastes, at 100% and 25% (was 4)
  • Stay at position, start to flee when triggered
  • Will back to position after 3 seconds

Attack nerf makes them less punishing than before, while positioning rework could let them reintroduced in waves where they’re banned.

Cowards won’t show that they’re coward at first glance.


  • Shoot only when it dies

They will be another death bomb.

One word, consistency. It gives certainty to player, unlike now. With the spawning limitation, there should be no wave full of death bomb again.


Changed in v.53 (incomplete) :medal_sports: Idea


For the record, as far as the now-applied coward changes go, I ſtill ſtick to the arguments I made in the dedicated topic.

I am ſtill of the opinion that many of theſe difficulty changes mainly make the hardeſt difficulties eaſier, and are mainly propoſed by people who wiſh they could fly on SSH without the ſlighteſt hiccup. This goes directly againſt the old philoſophy of “above 100% anything goes”. As it is, I’ve ſtarted goïng for the medal of unpreparedneſs every miſſion, as that’s the only way I can make it a challenge to ſurvive.

Difficulty changes ſhould work like capitaliſm: the hard miſſions get harder, and the eaſy miſſions get eaſier.

I agree hard mission should be hard, but I believe there’s another way rather than spamming hard enemies. Step number 3 is the way to compensate step number 1. And step number 2 will reduce the chance a wave being too easy or too hard.

Since most of weapons now do higher damage, it might not be noticable that they shoot less. Things that get benefit from it are just riddler and co.


I would not be againſt increaſing firing rates, but how does this reconcile with vaſtly nerfing the cowards?
And what about the lack of epic waves theſe days?
If you look in the epic waves topic, you’ll that while once they were a dime a dozen on SSH, now they are actuälly quite rare.

One of the upcoming changes in the next few (?) months is an enemy health rework that will in all likelihood scale back all weapon damage (or, equivalently, increase enemy health). This will re-calibrate all missions around the “100% is only for experts” level, and make them equally as hard without relying too much on ‘elite’ or ‘miniboss’ enemies.


Or you’ll see that this topic is no longer exclusively made for “Epic waves”, but also interesting waves.

You said that you were gonna make a difficulty rework topic. Where is it? I would like to finally read it because you just keep saying “hard must be hard” even if we’re talking about unfair hard.


…Yeah, I need to finiſh it. I initially put it off due to 1) lack of time and 2) there were a lot of other developments goïng on (or at leaſt thoſe are the excuſes I made to myſelf), but I never finiſhed. I have ſtuff to do between 15.00 and 17.00 UTC+2 (i.e. central European time), but I ſhould be able to complete the topic by tonight. I’ll let you know in the chatting topic if I can’t.

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