2 idea in one

i have 2 idea.
1_ IA can make a chatroom in the game.
online players can talk to each other.
And they can put together in the chat room and play daily and weekly challenges as multiplayer.

2_The IA can upgrade the bosses, like the crab robot that has the second version (V2).

The first idea was ALREADY planned.
The second one is not that necessary.

No, this is not already planned, as far I am aware. It has been ſuggeſted.


Oh really?
I Thought it was planned to be added.
Oh well.

Well, can you quote a poſt to that effect?

Not really.
But i can send a link to that idea.
Also, you were right. It was suggested by someone.
eh i feel so stupid rn lol

There were actuälly multiple variätions on the idea, but IA’s reſponſe was, in a nutſhell, that he didn’t really feel like duplicating the work done by countleſs other groups if he could avoid it.

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