"Universal Chat" idea

Hi there! Today, I’ve come up with an idea called “Universal Chat”!

What is this “Universal Chat”? Universal Chat is a feature in CIU that allows all Heroes to communicate anytime and anywhere. Except when saving the world, obviously.

How does it function? On the bottom of menu on the left, there will be an icon called “Universal Chat”.
It should look like this: chatt
When you click on it, the chat opens up and on the left side, you get something like this:

Just a crappy example.

What’s the point of it? It can be fun, you can find new friends, join conversations, or just watch the chat.


  • Great idea, I’d love to see this in game!
  • Nice, I like it.
  • I don’t really care, I’m neutral.
  • Is bad, I don’t like it.
  • Is horrible. Don’t implement this!
  • I like the idea, but I would like to add/change something.
  • I don’t like the idea, I’d like to add/change something.

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Yeah, I know IA has other worries right now, but I’ll post this anyway, before I completely forget it.

Edit: I renamed it to Universal Chat because it sound better. Thanks to @Fractorial.


Great idea! Would love to see in game!

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As I know IA was already gonna add it…


This inclusion of IA is very funny :sweat_smile:


yeah on the map i see many other players at different star systems,oh i think global would be a good idea for this

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“Universal Chat” makes a better name XD


This would make a great feature.
I’d really like to see it in the game. :smiley:

We need this.

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I agree with this but whether you read the updates list or not, a chat will be added later anyway.

Also, why revive this?

Great Idea

You could just use the like button for that sentense.


I did that already :)))

Then don’t bump the topic…


Bran Moment

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