ZX Spacecraft Family (Old Idea Remastered)

(Take a remaster from my old spacecraft idea, former name is Kolotova)

“Created by Zircon-X, these galaxy combatants were once on a quest of discovering Gurgan - a rocky world covered by heavily dense atmosphere and flying stones. Thanks to the stable structrue and its terrific ability to handle a fairly large firepower with a medium fast mobility, UHF chose this family as a potent warriors.”


This families has 3 main models. The last one can only be bought with CHL, or contraband with price as twice as normal.

Spacecraft hitbox (It’s quite bigger than Muller Family’s hitbox)

bandicam 2022-07-06 15-05-20-061

Names of these spacecraft was inspired from the names of Beetles.


This family has a special weapon system, make it more distinctive than other fast-travelling spacecraft. As you can see in the image.

Despite the ability to fire more projectiles, the damage may stay the same or higher abit. Here some examples:

Ion Level 10

Ion Level 11

Neutron Gun Level 10

Neutron Gun Level 11

Lightning Frier Level 10

Lightning Frier Level 11

*This may be changed depend on the poll below.

Projectiles type is distributed to 3 weapon pods in these images:


Though this family has a relatively fast speed with a decent weapon system, it also have certain limitations:

Higher Heat Production: Overheat x1,2 faster than other spacecraft families.

Item Requirement: This spacecraft only worked with Proton-Proton Chain Reactor, Beryllium Oxide and Cubic Boron Arsenide Heat Sink, Magnetospheric Plasma and Hall-Effect Thruster.

Tier Requirement: Only available from tier 70 and above.

About the number of projectiles for each weapon and weapon powers level for this family, I will explain later. So what do you think about this idea?

Little poll
What weapon limits do you prefer for this family?

  • 10 power (Like Muller)
  • Divided into specific limits for each models (Like BX / If you vote this, comment below about your limits)

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That’s a great idea
I hope iA can add it to the game


Basically a small BX, Weapon Power Limit is OP, but i like it.


The firing patterns of weapons on this ship seems brutal for the ship to handle, but absolutely amazing one.

also you didn’t indentify how the thrusters of it will act.

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that is a good idea, if “ZX spacecraft family” add in CIU, BX won’t be easily become meta spacecraft
and basically is a muller but had power like BX


-I think this spacecraft type should have limit FP and slower than BX and also larger hitbox

-ZX-2093 Actaeon: 17 FP
-ZX-2096 Hercules: 14 FP
-ZX-2099 Caucasus: 11 FP

-Also It must have some ability for that expensive prize, better volley Is nothing. You don’t want to waste your 9034 Keys (ZX-2099 Caucasus required CHL) for just a normal spacecraft


This spacecraft looks very great .
I hope it be in the game .

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I could say make it having it from 10% to 40% percent of surviving the bullet that hits it, I suppose? anyway the price of it looks brutal. and requires something special that this ship that worth it’s cost.


This feels like bomber ships v2. It would be nice if the fp system was explained better because…well rn, it’s not explained at all. What fp level is the first, third and fifth image and what fp level is the second, fourth and sixth image? Talking about the ion, neutron and lightning examples. How far do the fp levels go? This looks like it’d require total rework of all weapons specifically for this ship.
This idea has cool aesthetics but nothing else going for it, sorry.


Too OP

well there should something better that worth it’s brutal cost. Having survivibality percent of getting hit is all what I can think.

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It’s not a heavybomber one, so power may not be able to reach 16-17 fp

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Thanks for your appreciation
About power levels i’ll explain later, then will decide the power limit for 3 models.
Also it’s not so heavy-bomber like too

It’s better before posting an idea to give all the details possible about it so when someone see it doesn’t misjudge it.

You can update the idea right now and give an notification about it once done. overall great family.


Have a vote here


Thanks btw!


What about hardpoints slots and satellites slots and mission config slots ?

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You can find information in some image of the first post…
Freak i forgot the mission configs slots information

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since the chicken became stronger, we’ll soon create more BRUTAL spaceship
and this one is totally brutal

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