Zombie Chicken

This chicken isn’t in danger of being eaten given that he’s rotten meat, but he’s still working with the other chickens anyways. Though he has a secondary motive for helping the chickens (the first of course is to stop chicken oppression)…he wishes to eat the pilot’s brains!

Oh wait, there’s more than one of them. There’s a horde of them!

These chickens will come back to life once before being finished for good. So don’t assume just because you’ve beaten them once you’ve seen the last of them.

Just don’t make many new topics in a single day. Collect them and make 1 topic for all.

Oh. I just had a lot of ideas. I’ll try to slow down a little.

we mean you can make a topic that contain all the ideas u have
don’t need to make too many topic which only has one idea

I would say no because if this was added it would make the player distracted as it’s sound will be louder than the music. And even if the sound will be lower, I will not agree.

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