Your History With CIU!

So what’s your history with CIU

My Story With it:

So one day just thinking that Chicken invaders 6 was going to be a thing i decided to search it up and The top result was the CIU after not thinking much I clicked it and found “Chicken Invaders Universe” and i got so delighted i download it and signed in. you know the basic stuff.
Got ready to play and my first words to the game were
“WOOOOOOOW” just roaming around the universe of CIU was just FUN!!!

BTW my first version was 82

So what’s your story



saw bc media video and immediately downloaded it, version 13 (i think thats when i created my forum account)

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My story is very long let’s take about it
First seen to ciu was on the beginning early access on the YouTube i was thinking the game not uploaded after 4 months i try to download it on windows xp
yes i didn’t work in this moment i felt disappointed after 1 years i try to download it on windows 7 and its work now i can’t forget this moment when it work the game was very hard for me now im super pro let’s back to my story i play the game for 7months after this my education has been start i left the game for long time after finishing my education i back
After I’m back the game was not im know it many differents and chl after 5 MONTHS i lost the account for 10 MONTHS and when i lost it im stay in my dark room and im don’t open the computer for 4 months then i found IA email he help me and im back to him also with chl to support him


No summary >:)

How I found CIU:
It was a normal day, I went on YouTube like any other individual, then I came across a video called “How to Download Chicken Invaders Universe” ( i forgot the name lol) then I proceeded to follow the steps and get the game.

my first participation was Early Access v 75. but I had already played while I’m working. First time flying Space Race and died at wave 30/30 (because of lacking skill). But still, it was very fun at that time

Mine was exactly the same with you @ITsMe. I searched for CI6 and found CIU. I joined later in version 111.

I’ve played CIU since Early Access v.68, after I saw some videos about Chicken Invaders Universe on YouTube on January, 2021 (the time when I was at grade 10).
Previously, I was so terrified about flying hard missions with SSH Skills when I’m a newble but up to now, I’m skilled at dealing with hard missions with SSH Skills

Mines was about around 2019 when I was in the mood for searching nostalgic games, when I remembered a game where you shoot chickens with a familiar graphic so I spent a lot of time searching and found chicken invaders. so I downloaded it in some sketchy website (because i dont have money that time) and played it and it was fun. Soon i found universe by 2020 it was around v56 when i first downloaded it and been a player ever since.


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Nice story

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