Yolk Star too hard on lower difficulties

I just was playing a mission and in the end the Yolk Star came and it defeated me.I was playing on Rookie and I feel a bit unprepared as usually I have Max Power while facing it.and it had six guns,but it was said that there would only be four on difficulties below veteran.I think the number and speed of chickens should be reduced on lower difficulties as the people for whom it is made may find it too difficult(before anyone says that that’s the point,the Yolk Star was never meant to be fought on power 9 and was endgame)

Where did you see this?
If you want it to be easier,fight it on lower difficulties(no,I don’t mean on rookie or anything like,that’s a skill level.)
How difficult was the mission that had the yolk star?

No problem with The Yolk-Star™, problem with chickens which follow for you
Solution: Try to kill chickens in free area, DON’T MOVE UP, because lasers become bigger than in small distantion with “Egg”

Its kind of frantic really

Depending of courſe on the Yolk Star’s oriëntation.

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Don’t move up,when its facing down or up?

Don’t move away from the Yolk Star.
Except to ſhoot the terminator chickens.

Stay close to the yolk star. Its lasers are cones, so you have more room next to it.

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