Yolk Star reward... thing

Most bosses gives rewards after they have been defeated, yet the Yolk star gives them after only going through it’s first phase. That means that most coins and power-ups are hard or impossible to collect.
In CI3 it made sense, as the boss was final, so the power-ups were useful for the last phase. However the power-ups were spread out, weren’t obscured by explosions that much, and the yolk made it to the bottom (or top as well in CIU) faster. Because in CIU power-ups always are on the path of the yolk, power-ups that drop at the bottommost, are incollectible, as the explosion hides them, only for them to go past the screen behind the yolk.
I think that the power-ups should be spread out over the screen like in CI3, which in my opinion would be enough. However they could also be rewarded upon defeating the yolk, though it could be said it would not show the old design.


the same think for the egg canon!!!

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Did you know how many powerups the egg cannon spam? Why do you need from another one?

why not /…you defeat one hell of boss!!! look at the enterprise it give you 2 power when you defeat!!!

Thats the first 2 encounters. Hend game doesnt give powerups after explosion. Its kinda lame that even the easiest Egg Cannon encounter explodes. Will be better if he retreats like the Henterprise. The stronger encounter who have all atacks will explode. But i dont complain about this.

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