Yolk star big beam

the yolkstar in cutscene from ci3 can combine all of the beam to create one big pew pew , its kinda akward that the yolkstar dont do that in battle
i think bringing the big pew pew in battle isnt gonna break the game or be unfair like every other suggestion i made
it could be similar to the henterprise beam or something

no more nose man this time
that’s an improvement

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So it would be as useless as henterprise beam? Seriously, I’ve seen dying to henterprise beam only twice: first is the time I had mouse issue and second is our 14 players multiplayer session where we just didn’t see a thing.


And takes time to shoot, which makes it so much easier to beat The Yolk Star.

it could be just be a cool addition , the normal henterprise beam already useless

Make the beam target the player’s position, like this



Now looks better, but I suggest to include a warning line before shooting.


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