Yin Yang Twins

Meet the Yin Yang Twins:
Yin Chicken
Yin Chicken
and Yang Chicken
Bosses have 2 phases, and they appear rather strangely…
Phase 1: Yang appears in the upper left corner and Yin appears in the lower right corner.

Their attacks are spinning around the screen similar to Twice Infinity, but they do it constantly and lay eggs at the same time!

Each of the twins has 25% of life, i.e. after defeating them it reaches 50%.
(The defeated twin does not die, but flies to the middle and waits for his brother)

When the twins are defeated and reach 50%, they fly to the middle and…

They become one!
Yin Yang Chicken (2)
Phase 2: Yin Yang Chicken is in the middle and summons a black and white portals around him which spinning.

The diameter of the spinning portals will increase and decrease, in this form the twins no longer lay eggs.

Thanks again @Darth_Skembesion, this time he changed the models of 2 big chickens to white and black, but I made a fusion.


This one is even better than the last one, great job :clap:

Could you make’em throw random eggs at random directions like “It gets cold in Space”?


Well, going in I thought this was one of Ramon’s ideas. The quality was much lower than I hoped it would be.

Never mind, nice to know how much you dislike my ideas. I’m finally leaving today.

Dude, I told you before, don’t leave or give up, there is always that one user who dislikes ideas, while a lot of others like it, it happens with everyone, not you only.


I am telling you that it is not about ideas but about private life. You can take over all my ideas if something.

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For what it’s worth, I actually thought this one was pretty clever. The idea of them merging was pretty cool. :wink:


hey, what’s the action of the portals?
a. just revolving
b. summon chickens
c. they are revolving at speed of light and if the player tries to go inside that circle the black portal swallows the player and the white portal throws the player out of that circle
d. none of the above


hmmm, is this boss was inspired by one of my wave suggestions?


it’s :+1: :+1:cool :+1: :+1:

Yes, I saw this idea, but I never take things from someone else’s ideas. I only renewed an idea once @trueuser New Flashlight Hardpoint

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good idea bro

why did you bump this topic.


He was already dying, but thanks :D.


Yeah, just one day left, but no, another 2 weeks now.

And @anon51565962 are you actually happy or mocking?


Damn, yeah, it was about to close…

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Nice to know you want him to die.

I am glad that he likes it and a funny coincidence, although nothing happens by accident. Memories, my last idea.

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