Yet another new weapon concept: Unstable rifle

Hi everyone!

My name is Stardrone and in this topic I will show you a new weapon concept: The Unstable rifle.

In order to do this I asked to a brand new Recluit to test the weapon for me.
Say Hello to Gimmy!


According to its description that UHF released;
This weapon is still in an early developement phase and it is 0.07% safe to use.
Still a promising number… right?
However, despite having a rapid overheat time, this weapon can deal massive damage in mere seconds both to single targets or multiple enemies.
That’s because this weapon changes its behavour while in overdrive: it can shift from a rapid-fire minigun with homing bullets into an explosive bullet storm!

The 0.07% is just a little comedy in the description. I hope this is clear now

Even upgrade levels increases number of projectiles

Odd upgrade levels increase fire rate

In addition levels 3,6,9,11 reduce overheat time and levels 2,5,8,11 increase overdrive AOE damage

At level 20 bullets becomes faster and (if is a balanced thing) gets more damage

I expect this weapon to be an high-skill cap weapon that can be useful manily in boss rushes and some epic waves.
But not in every wave due to its inability into dealing long-term damage.

In addition to that, now that overdrive is a thing I think that a shapeshifter weapon may be a good adition to the roster.

This is how a power 11 Unstable rifle may look like:

Please tell me your opinions and concerns about this


So an Absolver Beam in OP and bad at the same time?

Please no. RNG for using something you’re constantly required to use is seriously bad. Seriously, even with that low of a percentage, yoi could still have multiple deaths. Especially for newbies, they’ll be confused and mad at the RNG.

PS: Hi Gimmy!
Alrghty then, the weapon seems fine now. Thanks for making it clear :smiley:


Can you please explain me the rng involved? I don’t see any
(Also I am the first one aganst rng)

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Will be nice see this into the future :slight_smile:

Hi Gimmy!

0.07℅ Safe to use. That was the part I’m against.

Fixed that part.

Sorry for the miserunderstanding


I don’t think overdrive is meant to allow 2 modes for a weapon, but I might be wrong.

Overdrive is definitely not meant with “2 weapons in 1” concept in mind.

But since it is a thing, weapons like this are now (on paper) possible

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