Wrong medal

i played a mission 99%-100% difficulty with superstar hero and won it but i got the hard medal isnt the mission supposed to be elite?
here pictures

No, there is a penalty if the mission length is less than 50% of maximum (which for Invasion is 40 waves)


5 waves at 100% diff. That should be at hard. That is how the game works as IA said

no i didnt play 100% diff i played 140%

A shorter mission (expert boss rush,…) usually not challenging enough, because they had less hard waves that can put you in danger and not testing your long-time progress.
So, even when this mission is 140%, it still easier than real elite missions.
If you really want to earn this elite medal, then you must play missions not only harder (>100%) but also longer (As iA said, the mission you play must have at least 20 waves)

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thanks anyway i have 4 eliete medals so ima now go try to find and play some

same thing

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