Wrong First post date

The first post date on ChickenInvader45’s activity shown as 2/2/2019, but in the artwork topic itself, it’s shown as 3/31/2020. My date and time is correctly set on my PC.
Here’s the link to the topic:

(look at the date of the first post of the artwork topic)
Other posts show wrong date as well.

Honestly dunno what happened.

Probably that the topic had to be restored when the Off-Topic category was disabled, and when that happened…yeah…must’ve bugged out.

What I said was only an assumption of what might’ve happened. If anybody knows what ACTUALLY happened here, please reply.

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Yeah, i guess something’s wrong here…

Already reported by @johnraizhen

This happened after Off-Topic was disabled and all relevant posts were moved to the newfound Chicken Invaders category. They all took the day they were moved’s date, so it might seem like every reply was written on that day at the same time until you see new ones.

It’s not a bug, but it’s something IA can’t really fix.


Actually Mishelb reported that before johnraizen iirc

You really had to necropost, didn’t you?

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