Worried Grocery

Any tips on making it through the Worried Grocery mission?


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Missions are randomly-generated in this game, so an image of where your mission is located in the galaxy (or the name of the planets around it) would help considerably.
If there’s a particular aspect of the mission that’s challenging then mentioning that would also help.

(Worried Grocery is a brilliant name for a mission tho)

I don’t have pictures, but the name of the planet is Alpha Phylonoe. The mission is the Last one called Worried Grocery and is rated at 99-100% difficulty

Could you tell the name of constellation?

No, here…

In centaur, very cut at Minyas and Läertes, the mission.

Just play the mission and kill every chicken you see. I believe in you!

(Also you can see the difficulty on the right of the screen when you select the mission, if it is too hard then try another one.)

Damn you Claudius!

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