Wormole Detector

Wormole Detector is a system that helps you to look for wormoles as they are rare and it’s hard to see one by luck so this will help you to find the nearest wormole from you and this can be bought from the store it can be between 2400-3700 keys also this is an always-on item


Why? I’ve found ſeveral and it’s not like I ſpend hours looking.

There are only 20 of them, so this thing is useless. The only thing people really need to know is “There are wormholes, they looks like [picture], you can find them in galaxy with enough zoom”.

Although I think this deſtroys the fun of the diſcovery. It’s better if they know nothing at all.

Instead of wasting time of looking and looking this system helps people who are lazy searching for them plus who knows? this is still an early access stage for the game means they might add more in future updates

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