Has anyone encountered a wormhole as yet?

Just was wondering as Interaction mention the existance of these mysterious portals for fast travel but I did not spot one.

found(and orbited) 19. They’re hard to spot, you need some zoom to be able to see them(once you find one, you will be able to know how much zoom is needed), and there are not many around.

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Thank you sonic67

What do they look like?

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Sounds interesting to search. I hope its not a search for green caviar.

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Is it a wormhole? Or just a black planet? PLease, someone, post a picture of what wormholes looks like.


I’m pretty sure that’s a moon/planet, a black hole would probably look more like this.

Ingame image, but i don’t think i will spoil the location tho. :3


I assume they spawn outside of star systems, correct?

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yes, they are outside star systems

I think they are in the huge voids.

It looks like a crack in the screen