[Workshop]- Fleet + Customize

When I was modifying and painting the spaceship, I was a bit tired of switching between the two options, so I thought of combining them together into a spaceships workshop.

  • After entering the workshop, our flagship spaceship will be visible immediately
  • in the “fleet” place, where our spaceship was visible, I added 2 options from the “customization” option

…Yes, that’s all, and I think it would be much easier to remake a spaceship that way

I changed the appearance a bit in the Loadout option

Looks cool to me but I want to see your opinion

Which loadout version is better?
  • This one looks better
  • Present in the game

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yes, absolutely.

Where will this be located? (the ‘space ship workshop’ button)

in your profile button (where the two options were discussed).

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