(Work In Progress) Tips&Tricks for Top 1 Daily Missions

Anyways, has anyone here been at the top of any Daily Mission type ever, and if so, how did you do it?
What are the general rules you apply to win these?

I want this place to be a place where winners could share their winning strats, which could make future challenge more … challenging for winners, but also to give other players a chance to take home the top spot.

I’ll be updating the good tips and tricks on this post here if I find them useful.

PS: Also, How do I make this post a “wiki” post?


Reach regular tier.

Ik you’re asking for current strats, but in the past, muller404 with utensil, 4 bird-flus, amplifiers and coolants was the way to go.
Currently, it sort of depends. You can run mullers(which one you go for doesn’t actually matter much) or you can run bombers. Bombers require jets to be viable, they are often too slow and will cost you your multikills quite often(yes, despite the buffs they got long ago), but they provide firepower without affecting your medals or awards during the game, which you can’t possibly get with a muller. Additionally, eggular repulsors are recommended, but not required.
Appetite attractors are recommended, tho that pretty much goes for any ship.
If you intend to keep only one weapon for the entire mission, there are several options. Vulcan is really good if you have accumulator. With any booster, positron is also really busted. However it is possible to just pick up all presents you find, too. Which one you should do really just depends on you. Usually picking up gifts is fine and a better choice, but sometimes you need a specific gun to either get pecking order, or just clean sweep a wave. For example, clean sweeping omnidirectional onslaught full of chicken ufos is much more difficult with a laser compared to positron. Really it just depends on luck. Since there is absolutely no way to know what’s coming for you, you have to hope whatever you do is the right choice.
As for equipment, obviously having none is a possibility, but it’s very risky and oftentimes you will actually need those items.
As for which items you should bring…coolants are a must. Accumulators shouldn’t take as many as overdrive but still should take a few. Amps are a must. Phaseouts are important too. Other than that and what was already mentioned, only other thing that is important would be extra lives.
As for satellites, generally bird-flu or ICBM are the way to go.
Overall, again, it really depends a lot on wave rng, so it’s up to you to decide which strat you’ll use. This is precisely why I hardly ever play dailies nowadays. In the past, when medals gave no points and weapons were unbalanced, at least you could almost never go wrong with the same setup every time. Now you just have to guess and pray you guessed correctly.

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Be patient, sometimes I would stay in a wave for like 5 minutes.
I would recommend going underprepared on easy and intermediate. As people say, “Believe in yourself”
Also get some Appetite Atractors (3) Maneuvering Jets, Wave Insight.

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