(WIP) New Ship Idea from me

Low-effort-ish idea ikr. This ship is very different for other spacecraft families as this features a rotating turret that lets you fire at any direction you want. It has some setbacks from doing so (to balance stuff).

Ship is basically inspired from this one from CI3


  • Rotating turret
  • No recoil from shots


  • Huge hitbox
  • Ship slows down when firing
  • Slow movement speed (still faster than bombers)

*outdated, will change soon

Here’s a video showcasing how it fires and rotates its turret.

I’ll be adding more info like hitboxes, variants, pricing, etc. sooner. and probably with a very new thread. But that’s it for now, k bye.

One more thing, I’ll consider adding a penalty for using this ship on Comet Chase missions.

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Oof, stupid keyboard


Good one but uhh… can we control the turrets using other comtrols (mouse, touchpad, etc)

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I would say that this kind of ships needs more controls for themselves. Like modifying the firing direction (firing towards right or left side). Besides. I think this can fit as a satellite.

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chicken invaders universe


Welcome in forum @Ihsan123


You’ll only have to use one button that switches the ship to aim mode. While on aiming mode, you’ll be able to rotate the ship’s turret using the mouse in which turret rotates to where your mouse’s pointing at (it’s definitely not instantaneously though).

Thing is I don’t wanna suggest more control options just for a specific ship. It would take 2 buttons to make proper controls for the turret rotation, one to rotate to the left and one to rotate to the right.

The solution I had in mind is just to use a single button but you won’t be able to move your ship as you rotate your turret to aim. Being not able to move makes the Precision Movement no use so I made it that while firing, this will always be activated. Plus it’s a trade-off for having no recoil (technically the turret still has it)—your hitbox is still on a fixed position while firing.

This would complicate controls though. But being able to rotate your satellite aiming position is not bad though.

sorry for any grammar mistakes

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You have put some serious thought into this idea. For me it seems as though there are too many things that would take time to make it an effective option. Mission situations happen quickly and it would be an even bigger challenge to worry about how to fire and aim with this sheep as opposed to the simplicity of the crafts already available. The pricing would also be a question. If it is expensive I wouldn’t spend keys on it
because it won’t help me achieve my goal more effectively. If your fleet is legendary and you have upgraded your weapon of choice this would not b much of an advantage. How will it behave? Is it like a bomber or an H&C, or is it somewhere in between? Also I choose my fighting platform based on the mission I choose to fly. What type of missions is this sheep best suited for and why is it better for the pilots chances of success? Just trying to budget for the very expensive attacks by these annoying chickens is a task already. Be well all…


Thanks. Yeah, still working on stuffs that needs to be adjusted and elaborated further.

Most of the turret re-aiming would be done in-between waves (especially if you know what would the next wave will be) or when there’s enough time for the next batch of enemies to appear.

I’ll probably give it around 3000-3600 keys within its 3 models.

This sheep family will definitely have a rarity variant as well, currently brainstorming though.

It pretty much behaves like a real-world tank having a rotating turret. It’s role is to kite enemies out from their firing range (which is commonly below themselves) unless they can fire on all directions. Also useful to fire on hard-to-reach areas (and without needing for an Anomaly Zone).

Comet chase obviously It’s still useful on most types of missions, if you don’t mind the disadantages from using this sheep (which is mentioned in the OP) but takes another role for kiting enemies.

Actually would set new a button for rotating the turret as well, assuming that ships having weapon-switching would be added on the game since that will definitely need a new button for weapon-switching. Instead of turning Precision Movement on while firing, its maneuverability would be just reduced to around (60-70%).

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Thank’s for clearing these these questions up. You have really thought this project out. Perhaps the mouse wheel could control the turrets aim. The turret won’t move when firing weapons, and weapons won’t fire when turret is aiming. Aiming could also have preset positions. Each mouse click advances the turret 1 position forward. You will have to decide how to divide the clock, (1/4 has 4 preset positions spaced 90 degrees apart, 1/8 1wold have 8positions from 0 to 360 degrees etc.), More positions means more time from 0 to 360 and will take getting used to. I think you are on the correct path. With some fine tuning all Pilots would appreciate this as another option. Fly safe and I look forward to the final products. Be well all…


@Fractorial I forgot to mention that you’re pricing seems fair. I would put in a range just higher than a bomber. It is more versatile than the bomber in certain missions I assume, depending on how many guns you design into the spacesheep. It then is up to the pilot to configure the craft depending on the mission. The turret position should remain active during and between waves. It can be positioned when weapons are not being used. When you decide on how many guns the sheep will have are they going to aim in the same direction as the turret or will they aim forward in the direction of the craft? Once again I look forward to the new modifications. I enjoy new designs and more options help all pilots equally. Safe flying. Be well all…

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