Will we have new dimensions in later update?

Hmm… If the game called “Universe”, I think it should include some dimensions like CI5. You may noticed that there are some completely blue planet, right? (I mean dark blue :>)
That can be chosen as a perfect planet to have deep sea missions too.
well just in case it will be taken care, else it won’t happend :thinking:


Already suggested several times.


hmm, retro missions exist in wormholes. But not the RETRO galaxy.

Foreign Galaxy,

Supernova Galaxy.

Space burger galaxy.

that is a lot of code!

I wonder how IA will code it though :sweat_smile:

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Creative, but way too much work for IA to handle.

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Well Planetary Missions was planned to be added to the game. but dunno when.

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Ye, hope they’ll keep it as plans for the future updates, and then we’ll have reaaaallll universe in a game like it’s name :grin:

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please one universe feels empty enough as is we dont need more


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