Will it have mini-chats?

So I would think about having some talking before getting to a fight because in Ci 3-5 there`re a lot of funny stuff
(the best one in CI 3 when the spaceship driver having some nap).

It’s planned to have NPCs all around the galaxy, which you could talk to.

Thanks. Did it will have some sort of an advisor or something?

The Narrator? I don’t know.

Neh. Like somebody else. Maybe we have a new character like the Universe Guiding System - basically UGS (maybe I`ll think a better name for it). But if you have any suggestion, Just tell me and the reason.

I`ll think an example talk later

Actually I’m hoping that we will be able to talk with other players in the “overworld”, kind of like the cutscenes in game. It would be nice to just say a few words to someone passing by.