Will CI3,4 and 5 be remastered with the reworked weapons?

No, this is not the deep-fried thing. I’m asking about a proper, official remaster by iA that includes WBP for the weapons existing within the games. In my opinion, CI3 needs it the most, as even Rookie difficulty is atrociously difficult in those games.

I’d also like for an end-game mission that is made available to play, for, say, obtaining all the medals, which is 30 waves or so, which is like a mini-adventure from another perspective because, well, the CI games would benefit from some extra content within the games.

idk, just had this random thought, as I was pretty disappointed when CIU wasn’t happening in the Episodes’ canon, remastering the newer episodes isn’t going to be that difficult anyway, this might make up for CIU not advancing the story of the game.


Not sure how to feel about changing the episodes this much this long after their release


I would like not to change them. It’s not about how much time has passed since them since I already stated my opinion on that sometime ago, but here’s the deal:

  • adding new content/new technical features - okay/acceptable
  • changing the way it used to work and changing the existing content - not acceptable

IA said that they’ll backport borderless mode to older episodes so for sure they will work on that, but changing weapons for me isn’t a good idea. Episodes don’t really need balanced weapons since they aren’t competitive games like CIU. (don’t bring the leaderboards thing because they aren’t even available in every version).

New mission however could be good.


One word only


I feel that the focus, for me anyway, was on the new missions more than anything. It’s so long since we had canon content that maybe, just maybe a few new mini-missions may make up for CIU not advancing the story.

Actually, what’s the difference between borderless and fullscreen? The only difference that I’ve observed is that V-sync can’t be activated in Borderless.

Not that the so called canon content was good anyway.

But honestly, why should IA add new missions to older games? I mean, we’re where we are right now - a game that IA would really want people to play since reasons (something to do with mobile and revenue) and making older episodes better isn’t exactly good for that. Whether you like it or not (I made myself extremely clear many times that I do not) the CIU is better than episodes from technical point of view and it can be used as extremely good framework for creating new content - you can make episodes DLCs with all the updated weapons, enemies and difficulties without much work, you can create new content once and it will be available globally to everyone that plays CIU. So, yeah. I wouldn’t expect any new content for older episodes, but I do have hope that IA will return to CI6 and make a fully worth sequel that isn’t limited by mobile market.

The difference is that borderless is actually windowed, but without borders. So it’s basically like if you just played in the window, but without worrying that your mouse escapes and you click something on your desktop. It also allows you to easily switch windows, allowing for better recording/streaming and allows screen filters to work (like F Lux for removing blue light). The only disadvantage is that the game no longer has full control over GPU because it now needs to be shared with other programs, but since CIU doesn’t need it anyway and certainly didn’t have full control over GPU (because of being on DirectX 9.0), it isn’t a problem here.

Yeah, only that I wouldn’t want CI6 to be only one story. I believe that the idea of an endgame extra mission still has merit, and really hope that we get something like it in the next episode.

We all have our own wanted things. ([spoiler]but here we agree it seems: I need to talk about Chicken Invaders - #3 by kokokokos)

Still it’s not up to us to decide on that. Right now the only thing we can do is wait for IA to finish CIU, see if it was worth it and then decide what to do next (1. CIU is a success - more work on CIU and probably end of episodes, 2. CIU is a failure - return to episodes or new IP)

I will answer your question with an example:

What you’re asking can be put in the following situation:

Question: Will Rockstar make GTA 3, VC, SA, VCS, LCS with the Rage engine (GTA IV, GTA V style)?
Answer: No.

I highly doubt iA wants to pull a Skyrim Special Edition move where it’s the same game with minor tweaks.
Highly illogical and impractical.


That’s a personal opinion, not a fact.

I never said that it was a fact though?

You didn’t say it as an opinion either, but let us not derive from the main topic of the post.

You aren’t obliged to write every time that “this is my opinion” because as you know already opinions aren’t facts and you can differentiate them. It’s rather obvious when someone says “the story was bad” that it was his/hers point of view. If not then simply he/she would just add that “players agree” or “it was universally hated”.

Besides, CI5 story was really bad and I would gladly talk with someone that genuinely loved it.

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There aren’t any plans for content remasters on previous CI episodes. Technical improvements will indeed be back-ported to ensure functioning of the games as technology moves forward and certain things become outdated or obsolete.


Ooh, that’s pretty scathing. :joy:

I wouldn’t say the story was that bad - you only cringe if you’re taking it too seriously, but you’re clearly not supposed to.

As for the topic at hand - I don’t think remastering the old games would work too well, unfortunately, even if I’d love that.

Perhaps, at some stage in the distant future, a “bundle” which contains the whole series as flyable, remastered missions in a single application would be cool and it would be less tedious replaying for keys when they get shared between the missions, too. But we didn’t get, say, customizable spaceships back-ported to CI4, so this falls under the same jurisdiction to me. I think it would have to be an all-or-nothing situation.


I mean, if you’re talking about CI5, yeah.

The reason that CI5’s story sucked in what could’ve been the best CI game of all time is that you basically knew what you were doing from start to finish. Compare that to CI4, where you knew you eventually knew you had to had to face the Egg Cannon, but you didn’t know when. There’s always this sense of “anything could jump out from the corner” that made CI4 so enjoyable as a first experience. Also, the effect of the Henterprise as a final boss was kind of made lame by introducing it as the boss in the first chapter, and later as a boss in the seventh chapter, and a final boss fight at the end.

Well, if it’s a success, then of course people will be interested in the games that inspired this one: the episodes. As far as I’m concerned, while CIU is technically superior to the episodes, the episodes have more of the personality of what makes Chicken Invaders Chicken Invaders: dry humor, the glorious explosions, and just plain fun more than CIU can express. Whether we like it or not, there is always going to be a lobby, however small, for making a sixth episode in the series.


In the world of fiction, I believe the term best suited to describe CI5’s story is “formulaic” - it follows a rinse-and-repeat structure so for the most part, you know what’s happening. And it doesn’t try to hide it, by any means.

All the games are in this weird range of humor where you’re never quite sure how self-aware they’re being. I’m pretty sure it’s intentional, in which case, it is indeed rather funny.

In any case, this is getting off-topic so I’m making a separate topic to talk about it:

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