Why we need to pay for extra hearts?

In the previous five chicken invaders games when you start you have free 5 hearts, after that, every 1,000,000 points you get an extra one. But, in the chicken invaders universe you need to pay for them! If I don’t have enough keys to buy hearts, I will have only 1 heart in every mission until I buy more hearts. Inter Action studios, please remove this. I’m playing CI 3, CI 4 and CI 5 almost 4 years, and I never had such bad experience.

I mean really, what’s the point of buying hearts with keys?


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First of all, welcome to our community! :slight_smile:

Because some missions are too hard and you need to buy and mount many lives. In CIU, not only hard missions make your weapon weaker like previous CI games, but also make enemies and bosses harder to beat. Sometimes you want to get Unprepared medal for flying without any lives and equipments. FYI, some missions are too short and it really doesn’t worth to have many lives for that.

There are easy missions. Also, you have tourist skill. If you think it’s a bit hard for you, mount that skill to make your mission easier, but you’ll get less keys and receive small points.

To stayin’ alive. You do everything for your life, don’t you? :wink:

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I don’t like it either. Starting off with one life is too much of a handicap. It should be increased to 3, or 5.

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Then Unprepared medal should be removed. Also, it’s choice of the player itself. :upside_down_face:

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No. It shouldn’t cost you more keys to play a mission than you are going to get.

Do you really lose 10 lives per mission?


Alright someone get the key-per-wave yield and lives lost stats so me and pumpkin man can have an argument

Controversial opinion: I like this. I want the option of a 1-life challenge. It forces me to play more attentively and deliberately. Adding default lives would make it impossible to fly with any less, so I’m not a fan.

That said, perhaps starting lives for different difficulties might be a reasonable thing to do. Perhaps, say, Rookie could have 3 lives, Tourist could have 5, harder difficulties could have fewer…



Pumpkin man:

You are free to proceed.


Aight so I get about 9 keys for each life lost, and extra lives cost 5 each at standard price. Assuming that I buy lives at all (which I don’t) I’m making a profit of 4 keys/lost life. But I don’t buy extra lives because I am a true Gamer™ :sunglasses: and so I make 9 keys per life lost. Pumpkin man twice as much keys as me, but since he probably buys extra lives, the profit he makes is not that much more than I do.
What was the point of this thought exercise? Nothing, except for the fact that I am a better player than all of you and that if anyone should have a say about how the game should go, it’s me. Jokes aside, I think Kylo Hen’s idea has merit, and skills should probably set how many starting lives you have. I like one life challenges too, but I don’t think other people who stick to Virtuoso and lower would want to bother with it.

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you play with mouse so your stats are artificially better

So what do you prove with your words?
Please end the irrational discussion.

No one objects to this style of play.
OK. You will receive the award for the best player in the world …
Ladies and gentlemen, please encourage him!

Clearly you are not acquainted with the concept of sarcasm. You’ve also missed the point of the post completely; that lower skill levels could do with more starting lives, which would make it less of a hassle for casual players.

Also, a bit of a side note;


Anyways, you can already do a one health challenge and get a medal for it. Only thing that would change is that extreme unpreparedness would no longer require you to do a mission with no lives lost(and of course the fact you’d have to waste less keys). I’m personally conflicted here, tho perhaps different starting lives for different skills would just be the best option. Tho I don’t think the difference should be huge. Maybe like 3 starting lives for lowest skill levels.


I’m sticking more to 5 lives for the lowest skill levels. But we’ll see what other think.