Why was I banned for 6 months?

What is your in-game callsign?


Why was I banned for 6 months?


As I explained yesterday, you have been banned for RNG manipulation and memory editing.


Can you tell me specifically what I did?

Try to prove yourself that you didn’t do anything, instead of asking.

100% sure everyone will use the old method to increase keys or something

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To put it simply like this:

  • RNG Manipulation is your intervention in the random coefficient generation system in the game: specifically the waves in a stage of a mission, to make the game easier or harder. more at will.

  • Memory editing: Cheat Engine, or Game Guardian, simple.

Don’t pretend to be stupid because every excuse will always be a lie when there is proof :wink:


I didnt knew there was banning

Yeah, I am curious about how you manipulated such a complex RNG system. Like, that’s intriguing from a purely technical point of view


I can’t really control the RNG system. If I do, it must be by accident or someone did it on purpose.

you might have tried getting many keys

Well 6 months is alot maybe he did a big crime

What I thought was: the second ban in his account :thinking:

You cannot engage in cheating “accidentally”. All things were done on purpose.

‘‘Accidentally’’? I can’t take your word for it.

Still your fault for letting someone hack your stuff.


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