Why SSH is hard but it isn't considered that way: How to simply solve the problem

The idea behind this topic started with this statement:

This is and isn’t the reason on why SSH is considered by hardcore players easy.

Let me explain:
The whole point of WBP was to increase strenght of every weapon, in order to make SSH possible WITHOUT Utensil Poker.
Picking any other weapon meant a life loss.

In the earlier versions of the game SSH was considered barely impossible.
Because skill levels reduced your damage (and Epic waves were way too much common than nowadays) and Utensil poker didn’t shred waves.
You can imagine how underperforming was the rest of the weaponry


I’m asking: “Let’s try to revert that, it will be fine now”

In my opinion overall weapon damage don’t need any change. It is fine.
(Except Corn and Ion, those things must be made balanced)

Let’s talk about bosses now…

Since WBP bosses offer barely any challenge anymore… even at hard difficulties.

Weapons don’t need any nerf.
Bosses need an health buff.

“Henterprise con only do the big laser attack” will be no more a problem if skill levels return to reduce your damage and (the mayority of) bosses gets a 10% health buff

What’s the point to give a boss an hard pattern if you obliterate it in less than 10 seconds?


It’s not juſt that weapon ſtrength is now too high, epic waves are longer a thing 'cuz people complained that SSH was too hard. I think projectile ſpeed ſhould be increaſed, and there ſhould be four times the current probability of finding an all-miniboſs wave. This may ſound extreme, but I haven’t encountered a ſingle one ſince before the coronavirus was a thing, ſo call it January. And I only play on SSH, which in and of itſelf ſhould indicate that there’s a problem.

Seriöuſly, I feel like the current SSH is about right for the “ſeaſoned” skill level.

They do, indirectly (if I recall correctly). The skill level booſts the difficulty, which in turn modifies the damage. But it’s true that the main factor is miſſion difficulty; if you play a 10% difficulty miſſion on SSH it will ſtill only be a 50% difficulty miſſion, which in my opinion is meſſed up.


Well, you don’t. If difficulty did affect damage, damage indicators would show that.

And thankfully, you seem to be part of a minority of players so small that it could likely be represented with a single digit number.

All in all, I once again suggest you play the game before commenting on its difficulty or balancing, because you seem to lack any significant amount of understanding of the aforementioned, as well as its mechanics.


Just how fast do you want they move? If you have tried anniversary mission at ssh you know what I mean. And remember that bomber exists.


I’m not entirely ſure how much you want me to play…

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well, there’s “playing a lot” and “playing regularly”

True, but on moſt ordinary miſſions they don’t get nearly that faſt.

Yeah, I haven’t made up my mind on how much we ſhould keep bombers in mind. I mean we don’t want them to become unuſable, but I don’t think all miſſions ſhould be eaſiër, or even doäble, with them.

I understand why you said that SSH is more like “seasoned”, because the game design itself relies too much on strong enemies to make the game harder, such as cowards, slobs, armored chicken, chickenaut, ufo chicken…

When they’re nonexistent then it’s easy.
When they exist, it makes harder.

But the problem, the game loves to spam those “strong” enemies and make the difficulty fluctuate to nearly impossible without dying/special weapons.

There should be some limitation of spawning those guys so the difficulty range isn’t that wide. After that, if necessary we could buff “weaker” enemies to compensate that.

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Or we could wait the additions of new breeds.
More enemy variety = Harder difficulty

Not neceſſarily.
Beſides, even with juſt the current breeds, SSH could be much harder. One way would be as I ſuggeſted, increaſing the chances of all-miniboſs waves.

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