Why my account banned with no reason?

why my account got banned with no reason??. Like everyday i login normal but i get ban although i dont use any cheat bruh.
Player name: Quân Giải Phóng


are you sure there’s no reason


IA can check what happen in my account

Discord is not affiliated with iA since Emerald are admin.
Anyways, are you attempt to mod this game, even on guest account?

are u drunk?, i dont have full iamt to mod or cheat in game bruh and if guest account banned why i post this topic?


i sure wonder why

Let see how iA respond.
Since violation on forum, Discord and in game are seperate and will have seperate measures unless there’s a very serious problem happened.

usually bans are given out for a reason, usually caused by doing something you’re not supposed to in game.

it’s highly likely that it’s unrelated to discord or the forums.

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The logs show that something on your computer tried to freeze/monitor/modify/interfere with the CIU.exe process. This is almost certainly the result of using a cheating tool. Just wait out your ban.



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