Why is it so hard?

Well it should be hard cuz I play on the hardest difficulty such as Superstar Hero. But it’s just not fair sometimes. How can you see all the eggs and bullets or whatever that the enemies try to shoot you with while you’re trying to shoot at them and all the explosions that hide them? It’s honestly frustratingly difficult. Especially the UCO! He always crashes into me as me moves after shooting and sometimes it’s nearly impossible to avoid him. Any advice to do better?

Explosions are pretty annoying, and I also have died a few times because of them. Perhaps try to control the fight and clear out enemies that are non-explosive first? About the UCO’s that’s also frustrating, but you can try quickly reacting and often going ABOVE the UCO.

I try going above sometimes, when the big laser beam gun isn’t sticking out really high on the top of the screen because I can hit that too. But yeah usually when I try to grab the chicken I die too because of an explosion I can’t see. It’s really annoying.

In this case Darkness missions are unfair too.

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Don’t play on SSH.

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Yeah I should look at the difficulty percentage first and then lower the difficulty itself.