Why is interaction studios behind in the gaming industry?

I will give some possibilities
The company may not have the capabilities to manufacture advanced quickly or
There may not be enough money to make games quickly or
The company may be a little small, so the work per day is a little bit
thanks for reading.

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  1. How is that a “Site Feedback” category?
  2. What?

It’s just one person working on everything except for the in-game music
but does that mean the company is “behind”?


are you sure 1 person make all this game?

InterAction pointed it out himself, all the games were made alone by him, yes, that includes this one.

InterAction Studios = The Company
Konstantinos Prouskas = The Developer


Except for the music, which was made by 2dB Music.


Not really.
Actually, it’s ahead by 100 years, even

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