Why am I not being promoted?

I did all the requirements including reading and writing the 20 posts but my rank was not raised

hey any one?

You don’t have to care about this. The only thing you have to do is be nice and civil :wink:


I am not as some people thought me a few days ago, I did not insult or hint at anything political, economic, etc. But I meant the frozen Antarctic continent, but there was a misspelling in some letters only, and if some were determined that this was intentionally, I do not care, but I did not mean anything at all It is not the appearance that matters, but the intention

sir this is a forum about shooting space chickens


What? You know that asking to be promoted just decreases the chance of being promoted, right?

Also, you can just be nice to everyone, I mean, the “ranking” thing is pointless.

You did not fulfill all the requirements for the member rank. You need to visit the forum at least 15 days. You visited it for 13 days, so you have 2 more to go.

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why do you have to achieve for a thing that you can get it easier if you perform it differently

I think they’re just talking about getting the next trust level. They’re wondering why they’re not getting it despite fulfilling all the requirements(which it turns out they didn’t)


Just be patient and nice with the forum. You will sooner or later get promoted

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