Which ship type should I buy first?

I grinded for a bit and I was wondering which Ship type to buy first? A Bomber, A Delivery Ship or a Scout?

or keep the first Ship (H&C 101 Hatchling) but change the loadout


I’ll need to know what equipment do you have on the HC 101? If it’s the starter equipment, change the weapon only, I suggest buying the Vulcan Chaingun or the Utensil Poker (the latter is much more expensive).

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Stock Loadout but maxed out


ok boomer

I mean bomber


lol that world

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There is a bump,

and then there is bumping a bump.

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what do you mean

Did you have to acknowledge a 3 day old bump?

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nah, it didn’t say days later

Your message still didn’t bring up anything of importance. You bumped it after 3 days.

It’s just funny :slight_smile:

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