Which is your favorite game you ever made Mr Konstadine?

@InterAction_studios Which in your opinion is the best chicken invaders you have ever made?

Konstantinos Prouskas has made more games apart from Chicken Invaders games. Anyways, for what I know, his favourite InterAction Studios game is from the Chicken Invaders series. He said to me that, aside from Chicken Invaders, Piggly is his favourite one, or at least that is what I remember.


Kristin Miller

“Best” doesn’t have a clear definition. Revenge of the Yolk was the most impressive (at the time of its release), Ultimate Omelette had the best characters/plot, and Universe is the most technically complex and ambitious of them all. Oh, and Chicken Invaders 1 was the fastest to make :sweat_smile:

Outside of chickens, I had the most fun with Piggly.


CI5 and 2: *Cries in oblivion*


Nice! Well CI3 was revolutionary due to it being a major upgrade from the second. From the 90s arcade game vibes to a modern pc game vibes. CI4 has great characters like hen solo XP (I wonder where you got that from! :open_mouth: ) and universe is basically an open world experience. Personally I have not play piggly but it does sounds like a great game :smiley: . Oh! I actually forgot to ask you: What are your thoughts on your other game franchise: Island wars? I enjoyed it a lot back in the day when I would 1vs1 my brother. Will it perhaps make a return in the far future?


That is even less likely than a new Piggly game, which is already unlikely.

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Yes, in my opinion, It was a huge improvement over the previous game, the music, the new design of ship, many many new enemies to kill, and we finally had a story. I still love that game.


Haven’t played CI2 yet, but personally speaking, CI5 does have great gameplay mechanism and settings, which haven’t seen in previous series. Humorously mind-screwing (because of various spacecraft rotation/direction), but planetary exploration was more than enjoyable.

Even the music in CI5 was somehow the best, but dunno because we do enjoy the rest of CI series OSTs indiscriminately, so… :sweat_smile:


We did have a story in CI2.

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Hi, I’m a new member. May I know how to download this CI5 game you mentioned? I found this to be a very interesting game. I used to play some kind of techloky battle games before, but over time I no longer find it fun anymore. So can I know this game of yours to download and play experience.

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Not here of course, because your comment is completely different to this topic, try General-chat. You can find the game in steam.

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