Which episode is the easiest?

Excluding Revenge of the Yolk, which most people had considered the hardest. And CI1 or Universe are not because you can’t beat (maybe?).

  • The Next Wave
  • Ultimate Omelette
  • Cluck of the Dark Side

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ci5 definitely is the easiest

CI4 is more easier.

No!! They didn’t even have the Riddler which could be overclocked with an autoclicker! It wouldn’t even overheat that time. Look at the wiki for the Riddler in Chicken Invaders, and you’ll see that it had a maximum firerate of 20/s.

It is not like the riddler made CI5 easier.

Riddler is already weak even in Rookie difficulty, so nope, it’s not gonna make CI5 become easier.

The riddler, even with its long firerate, didn’t help me in CI5. It literally made me defeat Hend Game in almost 20-30 minutes.

In fact that chapter 11 in CI5 are actually things that provide challenging for me

The fact that riddler has an exploit doesn’t make CI5 easier than CI4 if you make a fair playthrough.

Well, it’s pretty much the same pattern with Utensil Poker, and Neutron Gun for these two if we ignore the Riddler. But still, the Utensil Poker is one of the best weapons in CIU.

However, due to most weapons has been buffed during WBP, means best weapon might not be Utensil Poker.

Keyword: ONE of the best.
It’s a good all-around weapon that’s better than the Ion Blaster.
But honestly I prefer Laser Cannon (DON’T HATE ME. They made it better.)

if it’s asteroid waves are easy, then it’s easy. CI5 doesn’t even have them so CI4 is the easiest

i changed fro utensil poker to positron and positron to hypergun lol and for me hypergun is te winner of the first place weapon

Hmmm… CI4 used to be my childhood game, remembered i were using SSH all the time

Well riddler is about as good as neutron with an autoclicker. Thing is though, it’s not going to make ci5 any easier because choosing Utensil, or heck, even neutron itself, is still better. They’re both weapons ci4 had as well so ci5 isn’t made any easier by Riddler’s presence. Not to mention using autoclickers on riddler only works in singleplayer.

You have to compare apples to apples if you want an objective difficulty comparison. Let’s rule out Episode 2 because the Mother Hen Ship is harder than any boss in succeeding episodes except perhaps Yolk Star.

Normal waves: Attack Formations gets me from time to time in Episode 4, same with Chicken Roulette. Don’t recall any other troublesome waves. Chink in the Armor is roughly on par in difficulty. Combined with the atmospheric reentry chapter I’d say the episodes are about even in terms of normal waves.

Bosses: All the bosses in Episode 4 were simplistic even during my first playthrough. Brothers United and Hen House on the other hand occasionally take a life. Henterprise is slightly harder than Egg Cannon because the chicken wobbles are harder to maneuver past.

Upgrades/weapons: Episode 5 has White Knight and Space Ninja powerups purchasable through keys. These give a substantial leg up and DPS boost respectively which offsets the harder bosses. Weapons introduced in Episode 5 largely have no bearing on difficulty; none of them are better than the Utensil Poker, Neutron Gun or Plasma Rifle.

In short: Early-mid game, when you don’t have many keys, Episode 4 is easier. Late game, once you purchase Space Ninja, Episode 5 is easier.

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How do you think about three-ring circus? That near-final waves are pretty hard as well.
Also, The Weakest Link in SSH is hell if you don’t have Utensil, Neutron or Plasma Rifle (Laser Cannon can somehow) ; and you don’t want to use missiles or satellites.

I remember that wave. Three-ring circus wasn’t as bad as Chicken Roulette. You can weave under the circus and kill enemies and get out when they fly low.

As for weakest link, I usually carry one of the weapons you mentioned anyway because they are the best weapons on SSH. Laser Cannon is a bad plasma rifle. Less accuracy, more overheat, obstructs vision. While it does more damage it doesn’t offset its shortcomings.

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