Which boss theme do you like the most?

Which boss theme do you like the most? Comment down below! >:3

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CI5 boss theme and The Henterprise theme.

Nice! I love that too! :smiley:

Yolk-Star™ and CI4 boss theme.


CI3 boss theme and Egg cannon theme

Yolk-Star™ and CK-07 Henterprise.

Does anyöne know what that percuſſion inſtrument uſed throughout the CI3 boſs theme is?

CI3 villain music
CI3 boss music

CK-01 Henterprise

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Yolk star is the best

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pfftttttt, it’s not in the game yet but non-existent ci1/ci2 boss theme is the best, also the very beautiful ci2 mother hen ship theme, look at those beautiful four notes :sunglasses:

Yolk-Star and Henterprise theme

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Yolk-Star™ boss theme

Yolk-Star™ Theme

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