Wheres mods

Theres a annoying guy named as chickeninvadersfan72 (or something like this) who just spams nsfw to every subject and makes harder to talk in forum. Is there any forum mods. If there isnt I would be one :smile:

Theres a message from him talk normal. As real he looks like a good person but just annoy us atm.

Only InterAction studios is moderating the forums.

They are pretty busy at these times. They should make mod you or someone else active like you.

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i know right? i wonder how he didn’t get banned already, but i don’t think that it will help since he can make another account and spam again. So an IP ban would be the best choice


Yes, because he can continue this if he wants.


he’s banned now
still waiting for his alts

He’s talking about @ChickenInvadersFan72, not you

Ohhh…sorry about that @PenguinBOI

Yeah don’t mention people for that

Yeah…I guess you right it really pretty annoying right(i’m tired to type mention people name by keyboard)

I am just new in this forum. I am not attacking to you. Just typing to ban this guy and looks like I made it successfully.

Please read first message. I didnt victimized you. Thanks!

That’s what flags are for.

But we need to ban them… Emeraldplays must be leader for us!

Ok I have already read it. So sorry for misunderstanding PenguinBOI

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Wait…Emeraldplays already a member? How

member? He’s already a regular,along with a few others

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Wait how he got into Regular?

By meeting certain requirements. Basically,be extremely active,and you might get it