Where are the droids?

been flying around for a week or so looking for droids.need 90 to complete vice admiral quest.
haven’t seen one anywhere…Where have all the Droids Gone ???

You mean Space Burger Droids? Find them in a wider constellation and includes Space Burger.

Droids occasionally appear on all star systems that have Space Burger, no matter how big the star system is.

Try finding it in a smallest star system which includes Space burger and you’ll see if there’s any droid.

Still there, try to go further bro
below is my droids map that I noted when I did the task. hope it helps

(sorry the sketch looks messi)


Thanks Bro,must have taken you a long time to do this !
look for a gift from me…much appreciated!

you have to send me a OK to my contact request before I can send you some coin :slight_smile:

oh come on, you don’t need to gift me bro, but anyway, I’m glad it can help you. enjoy the game my friend

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