When will you release the soundtrack for download?

I am from HighDo, a label that also has its branches: Element Music (for reissues and other non music library things) and VGML (stands for Video Game Music Label, video game music). I want to do the first VGML release. So, will u release soundtracks of CI2-Universe to me, or send it to my email (autodillerbox@mail.ru)?

You won’t believe, but… i am a musician.

Even if it’s like i’m talking to one person, it’s still a question for InterAction.

It’s even not a scam.

AutoDiller (Grigoriy Sviridov), Russia.

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You can buy them at interactionstudios.com lol

To add to that, the music used in CI2 can be downloaded from The Mod Archive:
Pink - Just To Funk (CI2 main theme)
Accord - Lilly Chip 8 (CI2 Space Burgers theme)
Vim! - The Shortage (CI2 victory theme)

And CI2 Christmas edition:

Welp, HighDo’s 3rd release is a compilation of Vim’s tracker music (i credited him as Keith “Vim” Baylis). That comp will include “The Shortage”.

Actually, i found out that “The Shortage” was from Vim’s early era (when his nickname was “kbx128”). But still, Keith Baylis is his real name, according to some module’s email credits and Discogs.

Do u think, what’s our 1st and 2nd releases? 1st is already distributed (i mistakenly distributed track 3 here as “Romantic Rhytm”, but you can still listen! also, i distributed it twice): Comic Synth - YouTube

2nd release is “MIDI cocktail vol. 1 - Default music”, which contains default music of Windows from 3.0 to XP. I actually once named it “Windows MIDI files”, but 'cause RouteNote started “cursing” on us to remove Microsoft and Windows mentions, i renamed it. But i left credit of Passport Designs Inc. (i. e. they composed canyon.mid (George Stone) and passport.mid (fully named Passport Please, according to hidden info, composed by the company). First MIDI cocktail will be released on August 15th. And Vim’s compilation called “The World of Tracker Music” will be released on 18th/19th.

I actually estabilished the label in 2018: i just used Soundrop then. It was named “Element Music”, but because that name is too common, i named it 1V Music, and then, “HighDo”. Element Music will stay as a branch, and 1V is… “collapsed”.

Here is our full info. I think of creating a website on hdom.ml domain. I already set up the email for HighDo: mail@highdo.rf.gd

Contact on HighDo’s mail for HighDo questions.

I just say the story of my label: i’m not PRing my label of some kind. It’s just a story of my label(s).

Here is the compilation of Vim’s tracker modules: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_maNcr8lFQ946mVaCi-NqTu1hLGoZYYFl4

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