When will Chicken Invaders 3,4,5 remastered be released

I want to know when will The remastered chicken invaders games be released

These games are already done.

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This argument what i recently i writed, forget it, what other help you, if I dont remember, is useless

No, it won’t be remastered. Specially CI5 becaue it’s still new.

Latest versions are kind of remastered: they have modern 16:9 resolutions and some fixes. The point of CI2 remaster was making it playable on windows 8 and higher.


Woah. That’s not modern right now. It’s the most used one for sure, but not the modern one.

21:9 is the hot stuff now.

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Uhmm. Laptops use 16:9

And your point?

still haven’t seen 21:9 video

CI3,4,5 aren’t going to be remastered, because they’re compatible to Windows 8 and above.CI2 was remastered to become compatible with later Windows. (and iA is busy on CIU)

So, CI2 was not finished if we use your logic?

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