When is missing to finish the early access and launch the full version?

Please I want to know the day and the month?

april 40th

february 30th

Sir, why don’t you read plan updates? They are not harmful trust me.

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@Dragos to be honest, nobody knows when. You just have to wait like everyone here in this forum.



when it’s done,

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Patience is something NOT EVERYONE HAS.

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So when are we able to pre-order “Chicken Hunter License”

One gold rule that everyone needs to learn:

Ask two queſtions, get two anſwers:

  1. How much time before the final releaſe?
    As much as is neceſſary.
  2. What’s the date?
    It was Februäry 3rd when your topic was poſted.

April 67

Seriously I’m not kidding and I’m sorry

Let’s say you start a project and want to work on it, but it’s impossible to know when you will finish it, if you don’t know when you will finish it, how do you expect to know a date?

For now, “When it’s done.” is the most accurate answer, don’t you enjoy the game as it is now or?

There isn’t yet a set release date, all we know is “when it’s done”

Just play the god damn game. It’s like asking when will GTA 11 will out. We dont know. Stop opening an article about same topic every week!

Well i done with the exploring. IA made my joke into a reallity when i said - ‘‘Chickenauts in spiral of doom’’. Thats surprise me a lot. My final destination(maybe) of the early access is wormhole Tatqa 'hicin, whit only 2 retro missions! Also the ‘‘travelling’’ is just this - You just go into the wormhole, picking other that you explored or what do you choose, spawn you to the other that you explore and spit you out. Well nothing specially. However i will wait more changes and then will play a missions(i mean the locked missions).